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4 Solid Home Refinance Options in 2017

Even though mortgage interest rates have started to edge up, home buyers and existing homeowners considering a home refinance loan with good credit can still get a competitive interest rate in today’s market. But there are still many home refinancing options out there. Which home refinance program is the best and which offers the best… Read More »

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Top 6 FHA Mortgage Tips for U.S. Home Financing

Many Americans are feeling optimistic about the economy for 2017 and are planning to apply for an FHA mortgage. The economic signs are pointing to strong economic growth, as the stock market is booming and the Federal Reserve is contemplating as many as three rate hikes next year. One of the very best home loan… Read More »

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4 Reasons Why Home Equity Loan Programs Heat Up with Trump

Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States, and some financial experts believe that the President-elect could be good for the housing and mortgage industry. One of the areas of real estate that could see more activity is in home equity loans. A home equity loan is a form of a second… Read More »

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What Closing Costs Are Tax Deductible on a Refinance Mortgage?

Many homeowners today are choosing to refinance their mortgage because of the very low interest rates that are usually under 4% as of fall 2016. Refinancing a mortgage on your home property can save you hundreds of dollars per month, freeing up money for many other expenses of life. Also, some of the expenses of… Read More »

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8 Secrets of the Cash Back Refinance Program

If you own a home, you probably have heard about a cash out or cash back refinance. Homeowners are blessed with unique opportunities to access money when refinancing their home. What is a “cash back  refinance” and why would you do it? We’ll explain in detail below. Cash Back Refinance Basics A cash back or… Read More »

7 Reasons to Apply for a USDA Mortgage Loan

Did you know there are USDA mortgage programs available for people home buying in rural areas in the United States? Maybe you feel more comfortable surrounded by open country more than pavement and neighbors. If that is the cases, then you may want to buy a home in the country and it may be time to… Read More »

Top 7 Free Mobile Tools to Get the Best Home Loans

Home buyers are always told they should do plenty of shopping for a home loan. In fact, the federal loan estimate closing document that was introduced last year that supplanted the Good Faith Estimate document of years past was created to encourage home buyers to shop for loans before the signed the dotted line and… Read More »

Top 10 US Housing Markets in 2018

Much higher home prices in the big cities on the east and west coasts traditionally are the norm, such as in New York and San Francisco. But regarding the housing market in 2017, these hot markets are not necessarily the best places to buy a home. According to Zillow, some of the best places to… Read More »

What You Need to Know about Land Loans

Are you thinking about getting a loan for land? Below is a complete guide to land loans. Keep this article as a reference so that you can get the best deal and land loan rates. Overview of Land Loans From the lender’s perspective, loans for land are some of the riskiest loans. That said, this… Read More »

Guide to Fix and Flip Home Loans

Starting a business to fix and flip home for a profit can be an excellent way to grow wealth in real estate. One of the biggest challenges for people starting in this business is to qualify for a fix and flip loan to get you started. It is easiest to get funding for fixing and… Read More »

How the California Housing Market Could Be Affected by Trump Tax Plan

President Trump in September 2017 released a tax plan that could bring major changes to the housing and mortgage industries, including in California. To understand how your home buying and/or refinancing could be affected in California, keep reading for the most up to date information. Doubling of the Standard Deduction One of the major changes… Read More »

Top Freddie Mac Loan Program for Home Buying and Refinancing

People who want to buy their own home have a variety of mortgage options available through Freddie Mac loan programs. Below is more information about the best Freddie Mac mortgage programs available for buyers and those who want to refinance. Freddie Mac mortgage rates continue to be competitively priced with housing affordability always being a… Read More »

Comparing Fannie Mae and FHA for First Time House Buyers

First time home buyers have many choices of mortgage loans available to them. Two of the most common are first time home mortgages that are backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae). Both of these entities offer attractive home loan programs with low down payments and reasonable… Read More »

Top 5 Down Payment Assistance Programs for New Home Buyers in the US

Interest rates are very low and house prices are going up, so many people are deciding to buy a home in 2017. But how many of us are worried about funding that down payment? New Home Buyer Grants Are Helping Renters Become Homeowners with Obtainable Down-Payment Assistance Programs Fortunately, there are down payment assistance programs… Read More »

When Is it Time to Purchase a Home?

Pros and Cons of House Buying and Renting It is a question that most people confront sooner or later: When is it time to purchase a home? Buying a home and renting both have their advantages and disadvantages. This article will take a close look at both sides of the rent vs. buy decision to… Read More »