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4 Solid Home Refinance Options in 18

Even though mortgage interest rates have started to edge up, home buyers and existing homeowners considering a home refinance loan with good credit can still get a competitive interest rate in today’s market. But there are still many home refinancing options out there to consider before signing a new contract. Which Home Refinance Program Is… Read More »

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Top 6 Tips to Buy a Home in the U.S. with a FHA Mortgage Program

Many Americans remain optimistic about the economy in 2017 and many renters are considering home-ownership for the first time. With consumer confidence soaring once again, many people are preparing for the dream of owning a home and are planning to apply for an FHA mortgage in the coming year. The economic signs are pointing to strong… Read More »

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4 Reasons Why Home Equity Loan Programs Heat Up with Trump

Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States, and some financial experts believe that the President-elect could be good for the housing and mortgage industry. One of the areas of real estate that could see more activity is in home equity loans. A home equity loan is a form of a second… Read More »

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8 Secrets of the Cash Back Refinance Program

If you own a home, you probably have heard about a cash out or cash back refinance. Homeowners are blessed with unique opportunities to access money when refinancing their home. What is a “cash back  refinance” and why would you do it? We’ll explain in detail below. Cash Back Refinance Basics A cash out or… Read More »

7 Hottest Real Estate Markets for First Time House Buyers

If you want to buy your first home and have some flexibility about where to live, you may want to look at some of the hottest housing markets in the US. As you consider where to live and buy your first home, you want to look at factors such as job growth; affordability; vacancy rates;… Read More »

How Much Savings Do You Need for Home Loan This Year?

Most Americans need to get a mortgage to buy a home; current statistics state that 87% of home buyers use mortgage financing. But it is rare in 2018 to be able to buy a home for 100% of the purchase price. In most instances banks and lenders want the borrower to have skin in the… Read More »

4 Helpful Tips to Qualify for a Great Mortgage After a Bankruptcy

If you are like millions of Americans after the last financial downturn, you may have had to file for bankruptcy. Whether you could not keep up with your mortgage or had financial problems with your business, having a bankruptcy on your credit report can complicate getting a mortgage loan. But it is not impossible by… Read More »

Top 4 Mortgage Loan Programs for New Home Buyers in the US

Most Americans want to buy a home for the first time at some point in their lives and there are many attractive mortgage loan programs worth considering. It is no secret that money and finance issues often interfere with the ability to buy that first house. According to a recent survey by Apartment List, a… Read More »

The Essential Refinance Mortgage Loans Guide for New Homeowners

2019 is just around the corner and refinance mortgage rates are on the way up. According to Freddie Mac, the average rate on mortgage refinance loans today is 4.6%. If you been considering a refinance as a new home owner, you may want to get it done sooner than later. Some experts believe that with… Read More »

Top 8 Smart Home Technology Secrets for 1st Time Buyers in the US

Are you a first-time home buyer? You may want to check out some of these smart home technology secrets we list below. These cool devices and tech can really make your home a more convenient and efficient place to live. Robot Vacuum Cleaner Keeping your first home clean and tidy is important. Floor cleaning and… Read More »

The Good the Bad and Today’s Subprime Mortgage Loans Reinvented

Subprime loans were the bane of the last financial downturn. The Subprime mortgage product, which are home loans to people with poor credit, low down payments and little verifiable income, were partially responsible for the mass of mortgage defaults that left the US and world economy reeling in 2008. After the housing crash, subprime mortgage… Read More »

How to Choose the Right City the Buy an Investment Home in 2019

Many people want to buy investment properties that make them money. But how can you choose the best place to buy investment properties so your dream will become a reality? Below are some of the most important factors to look at as you decide which city to invest in: #1 Jobs and Demographics A real… Read More »