Refinance Options

How the USDA Helps Secure Mortgage Refinancing for Rural Homes

Mortgage interest rates have generally been on the decline since 2014, although we have seen a bit of an increase since Donald Trump was elected as the next president. Still, interest rates are hovering around 4%, and this makes it a tempting time for refinancing. And for people who have a USDA mortgage, the interest… Read More »

3 Secrets to Refinancing a Second Home in Today’s Market

Founder – Refi Guide – For people who are lucky enough to have a second home, you will always have some unique challenges. One of the issues that can come up at some point is refinancing the second house. If you are seeking to refinance a second home that you occupy, then you will likely receive… Read More »

8 Methods for Best Rate and Term Refinance

Refinancing your mortgage is usually a great way to save money on your bills every month. And these days, mortgage rates are still in the area of 4%, so many people find that they can lower their mortgage payment by refinancing. Over the last thirty years, the rate and term refinance has been the most… Read More »

3 Benefits of the No Closing Cost Refinance Loans

Many Americans today are looking for no cost refinance mortgages to take full advantage of super low interest rates. You can now get a loan for well under 4%, as of late 2016 without mortgage refinance closing costs. If you paid a much higher interest rate a decade ago, you could easily save hundreds or thousands… Read More »

How to Refinance a VA Mortgage Streamline with No Equity

by Tom Murphy Home Services Lending Just like any mortgage, a VA mortgage (backed by the US Veterans Affairs Administration) can be refinanced. Refinancing a VA loan tends to be easier because VA loans are considered a benefit of your military service, and are easier to qualify for than conventional loans. Even if you have… Read More »

5 Top Reasons Why a FHA Streamline Refinance Helps Homeowners

If you hold an FHA mortgage now, you have the option of refinancing with the FHA Streamline Refinance program. This popular refinance program can make a lot of sense in certain situations, especially for those who are locked into an interest rate that is considerably higher than current rates. Here are some great reasons to… Read More »

What is the Home Affordable Refinance Program?

You may have heard about HARP – the Home Affordable Refinance Program. It was launched in March 2009 and could be just what you need to get your financial life back on track. The HARP refinance plan was created in an effort to stem the foreclosure crisis that erupted nearly a decade ago. HARP Overview… Read More »