Is a Home Equity Loan for Debt Consolidation a Good Move?

Are you considering a home equity loan for debt consolidation? Learn the pros and cons and compare it to other debt consolidating options for homeowners.  Like many Americans, you may be wondering if a home equity loan for debt consolidation is a good idea. Debt in the country is at an all-time high, with a… Read More »

HELOC Credit Score Requirements

Are you looking for help to find out the minimum HELOC credit score requirements and how they impact your HELOC application? Find out tips to improve your credit score so you can qualify for a competitive home equity line of credit that meet your needs. How Much HELOC Can I Get with My Credit Scores?… Read More »

Second Mortgage to Consolidate Debt

If you are carrying high interest debt on credit cards or on other high interest lines of credit, one thing to consider is to take out a second mortgage on your house. A second mortgage is an excellent way to consolidate debt and it’s secured on your home in addition to your first mortgage. The… Read More »

Can You Refinance a Home Equity Loan?

With the Federal Reserve lowering rates, you should consider refinancing your home equity loan or HELOC for a lower payment. With inflation soaring, it makes sense to maximize lower monthly payments and refinance a home equity loan for a better interest rate. When You Refinance a Home Equity Loan You Could Save Money and Get… Read More »

How Does a Home Equity Loan Work?

Are you thinking about getting home equity loans or credit lines and want to know what the credit score requirements and lending guidelines to get the best equity loans in 2024? The popularity of home equity loans is surging because homeowners want to efficiently finance home improvements, investments, debt consolidation, education,  medical bills and more.… Read More »

HELOC Loans | Apply for HELOCs and Credit Lines

The HELOC loan is one of the most cherished and powerful financial tools for homeowners in the United States. In 2024 mortgage rates are nearly double what they were three years ago which makes the home equity line of credit, also known as a HELOC the best opportunity for homeowners to get quick access to… Read More »

Will the HELOC Interest be Tax Deductible 2024?

The 2023 tax deduction eligibility for home equity credit lines and HELOC loans is a critical point for consumers looking to maximize homeownership benefits. If you own your home, you probably have noticed that real estate prices have climbed significantly in the last year. For some homeowners, they may be enjoying 25% or more of… Read More »

Secure the Best Home Equity Loan Rates Online

With lenders announcing new cash out loans the consumers want to make sure they are getting the best home equity rates available in the marketplace. Yes, mortgage rate shave been rising and that makes home equity rates more attractive. As you may have heard on the radio recently, the best  home equity interest rates remain… Read More »

Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

Navigating the path to get approved for a home equity loan with bad credit can be challenging. The RefiGuide has a network of home equity lenders that offer bad credit HELOCs and equity loans for people with poor credit scores. How to Get Approved for a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit in Today’s Market… Read More »

Second Mortgage vs Home Equity Loan

Second mortgages and home equity loans are one in the same. Technically a home equity loan is a 2nd mortgage, because the equity loan or HELOC sits in second position on title to the house. Both home equity loans and 2nd mortgages are ways to borrow against the value of your home so its silly… Read More »

Cash Out Refinance vs Home Equity Loan

Today homeowners looking for cash out have a choice to refinance or take out a home equity loan in an effort to leverage the equity in their home for money. Let’s explore the pros and cons of a cash out refinance versus home equity loans. In most cases, when the interest rate trend is upward,… Read More »

Best Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans continue to be one of the most popular financing programs for homeowners looking to fund house repairs, renovation and home remodeling. Many Americans want to remodel their homes but lack the cash in the bank to pay for the projects so loans for home improvements have become popular solutions. Compare Top Home… Read More »

Second Mortgage Loans Pros and Cons

Borrowers like second mortgage and HELOC loans because they provide cash out opportunities to homeowners with all credit types. With rising interest rates being the trend, more and more homeowners have turned to the second mortgage to help refinance debt, finance home renovations, education, business start-ups, buying investment properties and more. Home owners who meet… Read More »

Swimming Pool Loans and Financing Guide

It’s no secret that swimming pool loans have become popular with homeowners across the country looking to maximize good living and property values. Many homeowners are unaware of the many swimming pool loans that are backed by both secure and unsecure financing opportunities available today in the United States. There are a few home equity… Read More »

HELOC vs Home Equity Loan

Interest rates have been soaring so more borrowers are choosing a HELOC or home equity loan to get pull out cash from their equity of their property. Before taking out a second mortgage against your property, you need to understand the benefits and risks of home equity loans and HELOC lines of credit. Why the… Read More »

How Does a Second Mortgage for Home Improvement Work

Now is the time to unlock home improvement ideas with a second mortgage. It’s a great time to secure low 2nd mortgage rates for your home remodeling project. Use a second mortgage t0 take advantage of financing incentives from trusted lenders offering popular home equity loan programs today. Apply for a Second Mortgage for Home… Read More »

Best HELOC Rates Today

Getting a home equity line of credit or HELOC looks to be popular move in 2024. Shop lenders for the best HELOC rates that are still very reasonable, and property values are appreciating in much of the US. It’s no secret that homeowners have access to many financial benefits such as tax deductions and flexible… Read More »

How to Finance an ADU or 2nd Dwelling on Your Property

Financing a ADU or “granny flat” on your property has never been easier. In this article, we will explore ADU loans and 2nd dwelling finance opportunities. State and local governments continue to offer home equity financing incentives to expand housing across the U.S. Do you have an older family member living in your home? You… Read More »

Construction Loan Versus Home Equity Line of Credit

Experienced lenders can help you compare construction loans and home equity credit lines, so you can evaluate the benefits and risks to ensure a wise decision. Homeowners often want to make many improvements to their home. It is after all where they live and spend most of their time. HELOC vs Construction vs Finance Home… Read More »

Can You Write a HELOC Check to Yourself?

Many homeowners are unaware that you can write a check with a HELOC loan and pay for things like you would with a credit card. One of the many financial benefits homeowner have is setting up a HELOC account and spending money with their home equity. If you own your home, you will likely continue… Read More »

Is Home Equity Loan Interest Tax Deductible in 2024?

Homeowners all over the country want to know if  home equity loans are tax deductible. The tax deductibility of HELOC and home equity loan interest has been a hot debate between loan officers, lenders and borrowers in recent years. As house values rise, more and more consumers have started asking me questions about home equity… Read More »

2nd Mortgage Rates Guide to Get the Best Second Mortgages

Taking out a second mortgage can be a very useful tool to increase your wealth if it is managed properly and 2nd mortgage rates are favorable at this time. The second mortgage programs have expanded to offer fixed rate home equity loans and revolving HELOC lines of credit. Find the Best 2nd Mortgage Rates Today!… Read More »

Find the Best Second Mortgage Lenders Online

Not all banks and loan companies offer 2nd mortgages, so we suggest finding second mortgage lenders and brokers that specialize in this unique niche market of subordinate financing. Try walking into your favorite bank or neighborhood credit union and obtaining a low rate home equity loan, cash out refinance or credit line with average homeowner… Read More »

8 Ways to Remodel Your Home to Increase Equity and Property Value

The values of Americans’ homes are rising with the average increase approximately 7% more than last year. Some parts of the country are seeing double digit increases in value. If you want to sell your home soon, you may want to do some smart remodeling to increase your equity and property value. There are many… Read More »

HELOC to Remodel Your Home

Leveraging your house’s value is an ideal source with a HELOC for financing a home remodeling or improvement project. Utilizing the value of your house to secure a home equity line of credit makes sense, particularly when directing those funds back into the property. This approach is especially advantageous as home improvements often contribute to… Read More »

New Cash Out Opportunities with Home Equity Loans

Millions of home owners today like to tap the equity in their home to pay for things they want or need with a cash out home equity loan, refinance or HELOC. One of the big reasons is that homes are appreciating in value; in 2023, homes in the US on average grew in value by… Read More »

Easy Ways to Remodel a House with an Equity Line of Credit

Home remodeling projects can breathe new life into your living space, increase your home’s value, and cater to your changing needs. However, such projects often come with a hefty price tag, which can leave homeowners wondering about financing options. One versatile and convenient method to finance a home remodel to use a line of credit.… Read More »

7 Cash Out Tips for Home Rehabilitation and Remodeling

Are you looking for cash to pay for the renovation on your home? One of the most popular sources of cash today is a cash out refinance on your home, which can provide you with the money you need for major home upgrades. Refinancing to a new lower rate may mean that your payment will… Read More »

Home Equity Lines Provide Opportunities for Credit with Low Rates

While the Federal Reserve continues to hike rates, the demand for home equity lines surges.  When rates rise, homeowners choose taking out a home equity credit line over refinancing because they can keep their low interest mortgage. Most people at one time or another need access to capital that is not sitting in their savings… Read More »