Home Equity Investment Guide

Are you curious about home equity investments? Find out how they can boost your finances and what to watch out for. Home equity investing has created new opportunities for borrowers to get cash out while leverage their real estate property. There is a popular new program for homeowners to consider if they have enough equity… Read More »

Fast HELOC No Appraisal Required

Many homeowners need a fast cash so they request a HELOC with no appraisal required. If you have good credit and lots of home equity it may be possible to get a fast HELOC or home equity loan without a full appraisal required. Do HELOCs require an appraisal? If the mortgage lender requires a HELOC… Read More »

Best HELOC Lenders in 2024

Since the popularity of the home equity line of credit has soared finding the best HELOC lender has become vital. Different HELOC lenders offer different types of home equity lines. For example, if you are unable to document your income, you may need a a no doc HELOC lender, or if you have low credit… Read More »

Secrets to Get the Best Home Equity Loan Rates

Are you shopping for the best home equity loan rates online and finding a major discrepancy in interest rates and second mortgage loan amounts? The process to secure the lowest interest rates to get approved for the best home equity loans can be daunting. Not all banks and mortgage lenders specialize in variable and fixed… Read More »

How Does Paying Back a HELOC Work?

Many borrowers want to know how the HELOC payment works with a revolving home equity line of credit and variable interest rates. Homeowners love HELOC lines of credit because they are a flexible financial product that enable borrowers to cash in on the equity in their house. Homeowners can borrow and repay their credit line… Read More »

Home Equity Loan or HELOC on Rental Property or 2nd Home?

American homeowners love home equity loans and many people have been inquiring about leveraging their second home or rental property with an equity loan or 2nd mortgage. Home prices seem to be leveling off with one major house price indicator at S&P finding prices up 3% from January 2023. Thousands of homeowners have taken out… Read More »

Top Ranked Home Improvement Financing Loans in 2024  

You want to make home improvements, and you aren’t alone! Millions of Americans want to renovate their homes to make them more livable and increase their value. Unless you have the cash to pay for tens of thousands in upgrades, chances are you need to get a loan to pay for your home repairs. Fortunately,… Read More »

What Are Home Equity Loan Closing Costs and HELOC Fees?

So you want to apply for a home equity loan to tap some of your hard-earned equity. Keep in mind that every mortgage, whether it is a home equity loan or HELOC, has closing costs. The only question is how much home equity loan closing costs and lending fees will be and how they will… Read More »

How to Calculate Equity in a Home 

Home equity can be a tremendously valuable asset for homeowners. You can pull out equity to do almost anything: renovate the kitchen, pay off high-interest debt, pay for your kid’s college tuition, and even start a business or invest in real estate. Before you can get a cash-out refinance, home equity loan or home equity… Read More »

Home Equity Loan Lenders Guide

Are you thinking about getting home equity loans or credit lines and want to know what the credit score requirements and lending guidelines to get the lowest home equity rates in 2024? The popularity of home equity loans is surging because homeowners want to get the best rates for home improvements, investments, debt consolidation, education, … Read More »

How Does a Second Mortgage for Home Improvement Work

Now is the time to unlock home improvement ideas with a second mortgage. It’s a great time to secure low 2nd mortgage rates for your home remodeling project. Use a second mortgage t0 take advantage of financing incentives from trusted lenders offering popular home equity loan programs today. Apply for a Second Mortgage for Home… Read More »

Home Equity Line Opportunities for Credit with Low Rates

While the Federal Reserve continues to hike rates, the demand for home equity lines surges.  When rates rise, homeowners choose taking out a home equity credit line over refinancing because they can keep their low interest mortgage. Most people at one time or another need access to capital that is not sitting in their savings… Read More »

Can You Refinance a HELOC?

A home equity line of credit or HELOC is a popular way for homeowners to turn equity into cash, but can you refinance a HELOC? You sure can! If  interest rates continue to rise, many homeowners will consider a HELOC refinance. You have the option to refinance your HELOC into a new line of credit,… Read More »

How Does HELOC Repayment Work?

The home equity line of credit or HELOC repayment period is a unique amortization schedule that is different than most mortgage loans. The HELOC draw period typically ranges from 10 years and a HELOC repayment period of up to 20 years. A HELOC line of credit enables a borrower to access the equity in your… Read More »

Zero Interest Home Improvement Loans

Many Americans want to improve their homes to better enjoy where they live and to enhance its value. But home improvement projects are expensive, and many people cannot afford to finance them with cash alone. Credit cards are useful, but interest rates remain stubbornly high in 2024. Are the Zero Interest Home Improvement Loans for… Read More »

Best 2nd Mortgage Rates Guide

Taking out a second mortgage can be a very useful tool to increase your wealth if it is managed properly and 2nd mortgage interest rates are favorable at this time. The second mortgage programs have expanded to offer fixed rate home equity loans and revolving HELOC lines of credit. Find the Best 2nd Mortgage Rates… Read More »

Compare Cash Out Refinancing to a HELOC or Home Equity Loans

Home values continue to rise, while mortgage rates on cash out refinancing, HELOC lines of credit and home equity loans are holding steady or even falling. That is why many homeowners are considering pulling equity out of their homes. With that money, you can afford to do home renovations, pay for college, start a business… Read More »

Is a Home Equity Loan for Debt Consolidation a Good Move?

Are you considering a home equity loan for debt consolidation? Learn the pros and cons and compare it to other debt consolidating options for homeowners.  Like many Americans, you may be wondering if a home equity loan for debt consolidation is a good idea. Home Equity Loans Provide Opportunities to Consolidate High Interest Debt Lower… Read More »

HELOC Credit Score Requirements

Are you looking for help to find out the minimum HELOC credit score requirements and how they impact your HELOC application? Find out tips to improve your credit score so you can qualify for a competitive home equity line of credit that meet your needs. Taking out a HELOC with bad credit is possible if… Read More »

Consolidate Debt with a Second Mortgage

Consider taking out a second mortgage for debt consolidation, if you are carrying high interest debt on credit cards or on other high interest lines of credit. A second mortgage is an excellent way to consolidate debt and it’s secured on your home in addition to your first mortgage. The RefiGuide suggests using a second… Read More »

Can You Refinance a Home Equity Loan?

With the Federal Reserve lowering rates, you should consider refinancing your home equity loan or HELOC for a lower payment. With inflation soaring, it makes sense to maximize lower monthly payments and refinance home equity loans for a better interest rate. The Home Equity Loan Refinance Could Save You Money and Get More Cash Back!… Read More »

How to Apply for HELOC Loans

The HELOC loan is one of the most cherished and powerful financial tools for homeowners in the United States. In 2024 mortgage rates are nearly double what they were three years ago which makes the home equity line of credit, also known as a HELOC the best opportunity for homeowners to get quick access to… Read More »

Will the HELOC Interest be Tax Deductible 2024?

The 2023 tax deduction eligibility for home equity credit lines and HELOC loans is a critical point for consumers looking to maximize homeownership benefits. If you own your home, you probably have noticed that real estate prices have climbed significantly in the last year. For some homeowners, they may be enjoying 25% or more of… Read More »

What Are the Current Home Equity Loan Rates Online?

With lenders announcing new cash out loans the consumers want to make sure they are getting the best home equity rates available in the marketplace. Yes, mortgage rate shave been rising and that makes today’s home equity loan rates more attractive. As you may have heard on the radio recently, the current home equity interest… Read More »

Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

Navigating the path to get approved for a home equity loan with bad credit can be challenging. The RefiGuide has a network of home equity lenders that offer bad credit HELOCs and equity loans for people with poor credit scores. How to Get Approved for a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit in Today’s Market… Read More »

Second Mortgage vs Home Equity Loan

Second mortgages and home equity loans are one in the same. Technically a home equity loan is a 2nd mortgage, because the equity loan or HELOC sits in second position on title to the house. Both home equity loans and 2nd mortgages are ways to borrow against the value of your home so its silly… Read More »

Cash Out Refinance vs Home Equity Loan

Today homeowners looking for cash out have a choice to refinance or take out a home equity loan in an effort to leverage the equity in their home for money. Let’s explore the pros and cons of a cash out refinance versus home equity loans. In most cases, when the interest rate trend is upward,… Read More »

Best Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans continue to be one of the most popular financing programs for homeowners looking to fund house repairs, renovation and home remodeling. Many Americans want to remodel their homes but lack the cash in the bank to pay for the projects so loans for home improvements have become popular solutions. Compare Top Home… Read More »

Second Mortgage Loans and Credit Advice

Borrowers like second mortgage and HELOC loans because they provide cash out opportunities to homeowners with all credit types. With rising interest rates being the trend, more and more homeowners have turned to the second mortgage to help refinance debt, finance home renovations, education, business start-ups, buying investment properties and more. Get a 2nd Mortgage… Read More »

Swimming Pool Loans and Financing Guide

It’s no secret that swimming pool loans have become popular with homeowners across the country looking to maximize good living and property values. Many homeowners are unaware of the many swimming pool loans that are backed by both secure and unsecure financing opportunities available today in the United States. There are a few home equity… Read More »