5 Secrets to Get a Pre-Approval for Mortgage Loans in 2017

Shopping around for a new home is a lot of fun, but people who are really serious about buying a home should seek a pre-approved mortgage from lender people trust. As a potential home buyer, you will have a lot of credibility and knowledge on your side if you get a pre-approval mortgage letter from… Read More »

2017 Guide to VA Home Loans

Are you active or retired military? You may be able to qualify for a Veteran’s Administration financing, also known as the VA home loan. For borrowers who are or were in the US military, VA home loans are one of the best options for people serving in the U.S. Armed Forces to buy a house.… Read More »

8 Tips to Negotiate Fees When Home Refinancing

Refinancing a home loan can save you big every month, but watch out for some of the costly fees that come with that lower interest rate. Learning which fees are negotiable on a home refinance loan is essential to minimizing closing costs. Think of it this way, every dollar your save on closing costs and… Read More »

Things to Beware About with Online Appraisals

When you are buying a home or refinancing, you will need to have the home appraised. An appraisal is simply a complete report from a licensed appraiser that determines what the value of the home is based upon several factors: How big it is When it was built Features and amenities General condition Location When… Read More »

New High LTV Refinance Program Replaces HARP

A new 2017 high LTV refinance program was just announced to Help Underwater Homeowners as HARP is set to expire. The outlook for mortgages is still excellent in early 2017, with rates rising above 4%. Even though rates have increased in the last six months, 30 year fixed mortgages are still near historical lows. High… Read More »

VA Loan Guide for Military Home Buyers

There are many great home financing advantages to being a military veteran or active military. One of the biggest pluses that you can enjoy is getting a VA loan with competitive interest rates, low closing costs and no down-payment required. A VA loan is guaranteed by the Veterans Affairs Administration. This means that if you… Read More »

Why 2017 is a Great Year to Buy Home with Limited or No Doc Loans

The housing market was hot in the early and mid-2000’s, as most of us remember. That was when no documentation home loans became popular. In 2017 it seems that no doc loans may be making a comeback of sorts. Lenders are introducing new more aggressive home buying programs with limited and reduced income documentation required.… Read More »

8 Silly Mistakes to Avoid When Mortgage Refinancing

In early 2017, interest rates are still in the low 4% range. This makes mortgage refinancing still a tantalizing and appealing possibility for many Americans. Don’t call your mortgage broker just yet, however. Did you know that many homeowners make silly mistakes when home refinancing that cost them big bucks in both the short and… Read More »

9 Reasons Why Military Vets Should Buy a Home with a VA Loan

For most military vets and active military, VA loans are one of the best financial tools to buy a home on the market. A VA home loan is backed by the Veteran’s Affairs Administration. A VA mortgage is normally a no down payment loan that offers housing affordability with competitive low VA loan rates. Given… Read More »

Top 12 Cities for First Time Home Buyers in 2017

Only 35% of people under 35 in America owned their own home in 2016. While some may think that owning your own home is hard to afford, it’s not really true….if you know the best places to look! A recently home buying report by SmartAsset found the best and most affordable cities to buy a… Read More »

8 Changes Trump Can Make to Avoid Another Housing Crisis

President Trump has increased his criticism of the Dodd-Frank banking overhaul, because he thinks that the law has made it harder for companies to get financing, which leads to slower economic growth. Since enacted, mortgage lenders and banks have complained that the excessive regulations stemming from this law have increased the cost of home loans… Read More »

Secrets to Securing a Low Income Home Loan

After the market crash of 2008, it became briefly much more difficult to secure a home loan. High credit scores and down payments were the norm, along with plenty of income. Many lower income Americans were left out of the American Dream. Today, the mortgage market has mostly recovered. There now are many ways to… Read More »

Top 4 Low Down Payment Loan Options for Home Buyers

Now is a good time to buy a home. Interest rates are still historically low and prices are on the way up, but they have not come close to peaking. Before you get too excited, let’s outline a to-do list to follow so you can make some prudent choices when buying a home in 2017.… Read More »

The 2017 First Time Home Buyers Guide to Choosing the Right Mortgage

In the last two years, mortgage lenders have finally started to seriously ease lending restrictions for first time home buyers. After the last recession, it became very difficult to get a home mortgage unless you had 20% down and 740 credit. Both the Bush and Obama Administration did a commendable job in keeping interest rates… Read More »

4 Solid Home Refinance Options in 2017

Even though mortgage interest rates have started to edge up, home buyers and existing homeowners considering a home refinance loan with good credit can still get a competitive interest rate in today’s market. But there are still many home refinancing options out there. Which home refinance program is the best and which offers the best… Read More »

7 Reasons to Consolidate Debt with a Mortgage Loan

For years, many Americans have decided to save on their credit card bills and other debts by refinancing their mortgage and pulling out equity. For decades Americans have turned to the mortgage in an effort to save money with lower payments through the debt consolidation loan opportunities afforded to homeowners in this country. Consumers that… Read More »

Most Important Mortgage Loan Document Checklist for Refinancing

Getting ready to refinance your home is similar to buying your house the first time. In both situations, you have to provide a pile of financial documents to qualify for your new loan. By reviewing all of your financial documents, your mortgage lender then determines if you qualify for the refinance loan. To help to… Read More »