8 Easy Ways to Save Money Refinancing Your Mortgage

Are you considering a refinance of your mortgage? Interest rates are very low in 2018 but could rise soon, so now may be the time to apply for a refinance mortgage. If you are considering a home refinance, you will want to save as much money as you can to make the process worth it.… Read More »

What Is the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit in 2018?

First time home buyers who are looking for a tax credit could be thinking of the federal program enacted under President Obama. Unfortunately, that program ended several years ago and the 2018 first time home buyer tax credit does not exist. It was enacted in the aftermath of the last financial crisis to help first… Read More »

How Do VA and FHA Constructions Loans Work?

People who want to get a FHA or VA construction loan are usually in an exciting time of life. Building your own home or rehabbing your home is a great way to enjoy the American dream of home ownership. The purpose of this article is to review how VA and FHA construction loans work. With… Read More »

Why the 15 Year Mortgage Is So Appealing in 2018

In many circles today the 15-year mortgage is touted a good financial choice for homeowners who can afford to pay the much higher payments each month, and who want to get rid of their mortgage much faster. Potentially, 15-year mortgage rates today open up the door of opportunity for a borrower to save thousands in… Read More »

What Are the Down-Payment Requirements for Fannie Mae in 2018?

Home buyers purchasing a home with a conventional loan want to know that the down payment requirements are for a Fannie Mae loan in 2018. Below is more information about what the minimum down-payment rules will be for most borrowers qualifying for a Fannie Mae home loan this year. A conventional home loan is not… Read More »

Ultimate Guide to a Refinance Mortgage with No Closing Costs or Fees

No mortgage is free. There are always fees and closing costs associated with a refinance mortgage loan, the question is, who is paying for the refinance closing costs and fees? In most cases, all the costs total thousands of dollars. Unless you are okay with paying those costs by opening your checkbook at the closing… Read More »

Should I Wait for Rates to Drop or Refinance Now?

It is 2018 and interest rates are holding steady near record lows. Is it a good time to refinance your mortgage or should you wait for rates to drop? Well, interest rates for mortgage refinancing are a bit higher than a year ago, but they are still very low. Below is more information about whether… Read More »

Revealing Guidance for Home Refinance Loans in 2018

It is 2018, and if you are thinking about buying a home or refinancing, the news is like a year ago. Rates continue to stay low, but they are expected to rise. Experts were saying the same a year ago, but we think it is even more likely this year for rates to go up.… Read More »

6 Appealing Options to Finance Home Remodeling and Repairs

Anyone who owns their home probably has a list of home improvements they want to do. Whether it is renovate the kitchen, add a bathroom or update the A/C system, most of us have plenty of things on our wish list. What often stands in the way is money, naturally. Many home improvements cost thousands… Read More »

How to Buy a Short Sale in the Trump Era

Some home buyers looking for a good deal in the Trump era of rising home prices may consider buying a short sale. If you are looking at a property that is listed well below the market value for that neighborhood, you should talk to your real estate agent to determine if it is a short… Read More »

 Is PMI Tax Deductible in 2018?

Many home buyers are wondering if private mortgage insurance or PMI is still tax deductible in 2018. With all of the media publishing articles about the year-end GOP tax reform bill, it is imperative that you get the facts on tax deductions for PMI before committing to a home loan in the new year. The… Read More »

How the New CFPB Director Will Help the Mortgage Industry

Last Month, President Trump ousted Richard Cordray from the CFPB. While the bureau and the administration are still fighting over who the new interim director will be, a major change in direction at the agency is assured. This is most likely good news for the housing and mortgage industries. Mortgage industry experts say that whoever… Read More »

Update on HARP Refinance Loan Programs Extended in 2018

The HARP refinance program was going to expire on September 30th. The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced recently that it would extend the Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP 3.0 through the end of 2018. This is good news for people who are struggling with their mortgage and who owe more on their home than… Read More »

6 Steps to Get a Loan for a House in 2018

Economic activity in the US is definitely on the rise. For all of 2017, it is likely that the US will have grown at a 3% rate or higher, which has not been seen for more than a decade. This means it is likely that home sales will grow in 2018. If you are one… Read More »

What is a Jumbo Loan Amount?

People who are shopping for a more expensive home, especially in a higher cost of living area, may consider a jumbo mortgage program. A jumbo loan is a type of mortgage where the amount is more than the conforming loan limits established by the FHA. So, unlike a conventional, conforming loan, it may not be… Read More »

4 Reasons for Realtors and Mortgage Lenders to Work Together

If you are a real estate agent who hands out business cards for several lenders when you meet with potential home buyers, you may want to reconsider how you are approaching the relationship you have between lender and realtor. Once you are established in the real estate business as a real estate agent, you are… Read More »

7 Reasons to Apply for a USDA Mortgage Loan

Did you know there are USDA mortgage programs available for people home buying in rural areas in the United States? Maybe you feel more comfortable surrounded by open country more than pavement and neighbors. If that is the cases, then you may want to buy a home in the country and it may be time to… Read More »