Portfolio Loan Guide

Portfolio loans are a versatile and flexible mortgage option for borrowers who don’t fit neatly within the confines of conventional loan requirements. These portfolio loan options open up opportunities for financing unique properties and accommodating non-standard financial situations. It’s important to note that while portfolio loans offer more flexibility, each private lender has its own… Read More »

I’m Self Employed, Should I Apply for a Stated Income Mortgage?

Many Americans believe that quitting their job and going to work for themselves is a major part of the American Dream, just as much as owning their own home. The good thing is that today, it is possible to be self-employed and own your own home with attractive stated income mortgage products becoming available this… Read More »

Non QM Loans from Non-Traditional Mortgage Lenders

Non QM loans continue to supply alternative mortgage products from private lenders. The non QM mortgage world was created after the subprime lending world crumbled. Private lenders and bankers tightened up the loan programs with more efficient lending rules to develop the Non QM loan market. One of the causes of the mortgage meltdown of… Read More »

Uncovering Self Employed Mortgage Loans from FHA

There is a myth that persists in the mortgage lending world that you cannot get an FHA loan if you are self-employed. This is not true. While it is true that underwriters will scrutinize the self-employed mortgage application carefully, with proper preparation, a self-employed person can get qualified for a home loan insured by the… Read More »