Are you a first-time home buyer? You may want to check out some of these smart home technology secrets we list below. These cool devices and tech can really make your home a more convenient and efficient place to live.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your first home clean and tidy is important. Floor cleaning and vacuuming is made easier than ever with products such as Deebot from Ecovacs, which is a pioneer in the field of robotic vacuum cleaners. The newest Deebot is a 3-D home cleaning solution that has smart technology to get around obstacles in the home. It also can empty its dust bin automatically. Even when you are not in your new home, you can pre-set the device to clean the floors with an intelligent scheduling feature.

Wireless LED Light Bulbs

Lighting in the home has really advanced in the past several years. With the intelligent Philips Hue LED Lighting System, you do not have to worry about the regular on off light switch. This is a new age, smart lighting system that you can control through your smart phone. This lighting system is controlled with a mobile app through a special wi-fi bridge. Turn the lights on or off remotely, or schedule them to do so with your tablet or phone.


The Bediator device has intelligent room heating technology that gives you the ideal room temperature during the cold winter. Unlike a regular radiator, Bediator is highly energy efficient and it can help you to cut your electric bill. It is a very stylish radiator that turns into a bed with just a flip of the wrist.

Smart Faucet

This is an environmentally friendly faucet that can save you as much as 15,000 gallons per year. You are able to save water with innovative technology that conserves water. It also will conserve energy with a very intelligent design. With the conservation of water and energy, you will be able to reduce the carbon footprint in your home and save money.

Solar Powered Path Light

LED path lights that are power by solar energy are a great eco-solution for the garden at your new home. They get their power from the sun and do not require electricity or wires. Save energy and money with smart technology that uses the light of the sun to light your garden. The lights turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Z-Wave Wireless Door and Window Sensor

Z-wave enabled products allow you to monitor your doors and windows in your new home to provide wireless and affordable security. This is a cost effective security system that allows you to be aware of any intrusive activity in your home. You can monitor your doors away from home with several smart phone apps. It will send you a text message and email when any type of disturbance is detected. It also will check if all doors are shut from anywhere you are located.

Thermal Leak Detector

A thermal leak detector will help you to find any leaks in your new home and fix insulation as needed. They are a very efficient way to monitor your ducts, windows and other insulation spots that can be vulnerable to loss. You have the ability to scan an area with the detector, and it changes to red for a warmer area and blue for a colder area. Some say that you can save as much as 20% on your cooling and heating bills by improving the insulation in your home. Also use the thermal leak detector to check how efficient your fridge is. You will be amazed at how many leaks you ca find in your home with a thermal leak detector.

Shower Meter

The Amphiro A1 is an energy and water meter for the shower that can help to conserve energy and water. You can easily save 440 kwh of energy and 8500 liters of water every year with this simple device. It does not require any battery or electrical power to run. It is charged from the energy that is made by water flow and is very energy efficient.

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