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Is a Home Equity Loan for Debt Consolidation a Good Move?

Are you considering a home equity loan for debt consolidation? Learn the pros and cons and compare it to other debt consolidating options for homeowners.  Like many Americans, you may be wondering if a home equity loan for debt consolidation is a good idea. Debt in the country is at an all-time high, with a… Read More »

HELOC Credit Score Requirements

Are you looking for help to find out the minimum HELOC credit score requirements and how they impact your HELOC application? Find out tips to improve your credit score so you can qualify for a competitive home equity line of credit that meet your needs. How Much HELOC Can I Get with My Credit Scores?… Read More »

Second Mortgage to Consolidate Debt

If you are carrying high interest debt on credit cards or on other high interest lines of credit, one thing to consider is to take out a second mortgage on your house. A second mortgage is an excellent way to consolidate debt and it’s secured on your home in addition to your first mortgage. The… Read More »

Can You Refinance a Home Equity Loan?

With the Federal Reserve lowering rates, you should consider refinancing your home equity loan or HELOC for a lower payment. With inflation soaring, it makes sense to maximize lower monthly payments and refinance a home equity loan for a better interest rate. When You Refinance a Home Equity Loan You Could Save Money and Get… Read More »

First Time Home Buyer Loans with Poor Credit

The demand for first time home buyers with bad and below average credit to get approved to buy a house remains as high as ever. We continue to hear lenders and brokers are expanding the credit score requirements for many first time house buyers with bad credit looking to lock into an affordable 30-year mortgage.… Read More »

No PMI – How to Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance

What is a No PMI Mortgage Loan? PMI stands for “private mortgage insurance” and thus a “no PMI mortgage loan” is a home loan without the borrower being required to pay mortgage insurance monthly. No PMI loans have been very popular with first time home buyers for the last two decades. We will also explore… Read More »

How Does a Home Equity Loan Work?

Are you thinking about getting home equity loans or credit lines and want to know what the credit score requirements and lending guidelines to get the best equity loans in 2024? The popularity of home equity loans is surging because homeowners want to efficiently finance home improvements, investments, debt consolidation, education,  medical bills and more.… Read More »

HELOC Loans | Apply for HELOCs and Credit Lines

The HELOC loan is one of the most cherished and powerful financial tools for homeowners in the United States. In 2024 mortgage rates are nearly double what they were three years ago which makes the home equity line of credit, also known as a HELOC the best opportunity for homeowners to get quick access to… Read More »

Will the HELOC Interest be Tax Deductible 2024?

The 2023 tax deduction eligibility for home equity credit lines and HELOC loans is a critical point for consumers looking to maximize homeownership benefits. If you own your home, you probably have noticed that real estate prices have climbed significantly in the last year. For some homeowners, they may be enjoying 25% or more of… Read More »

Benefits of Getting an FHA Mortgage Loan

The home buying market continues to roar and many consumers are excited to stop paying rent this year. One of the first steps is to apply for FHA home loan financing so let’s explore the opportunities. FHA is a trusted government insured mortgage product. Why Home Buyers Prefer FHA Mortgage Loans FHA loans are mortgages… Read More »

Manufactured Home Loans Essential Guide

Manufactured home loans are available with competitive mortgage rates for borrowers looking to purchase or refinance a manufactured or modular home.  Potential home buyers who want to get a manufactured home often wonder how easy it will be to get financing for these properties. Find the Trusted Mortgage Lenders that Offer the Best Manufactured Home… Read More »

Requirements to Finance & Buy a Second Home

Do you want to buy a second home? You probably have many questions about how to finance a 2nd-home. Whether you want to buy a second home for vacations or as an investment property, getting financing for this type of property comes with some challenges that you should be aware of. There is an easier… Read More »

How to Get a Refinance Mortgage with Bad Credit

People ask us all the time, how to get a mortgage refinance with bad credit scores. Traditionally, qualifying for a home refinance required high credit scores, but quite a few lenders have carved out a niche offering refinance mortgage bad credit solutions. Mortgage Refinancing for Bad Credit from Experienced Lending Companies Refinancing your first mortgage… Read More »

Amazing Home Buying Grants

Buying your first home can be overwhelming in many ways. There are so many decisions to make an many people do not realize that there are home buying grants that provide down-payment assistance in all 50 states. One of the most important of course is getting approved for a mortgage and saving up for a… Read More »

FHA Cash Out Refinance Program

For several decades the FHA cash-out refinance program has helped millions of Americans with affordable refinancing with cash out opportunities that do not require as much equity as most conventional mortgages. Do you want to refinance your FHA loan into a lower rate and get cash out? The RefiGuide will help learn everything you need… Read More »

Secure the Best Home Equity Loan Rates Online

With lenders announcing new cash out loans the consumers want to make sure they are getting the best home equity rates available in the marketplace. Yes, mortgage rate shave been rising and that makes home equity rates more attractive. As you may have heard on the radio recently, the best  home equity interest rates remain… Read More »

How Much Does It Cost to Refinance a Mortgage?

Closing costs on mortgage refinance loans are an important component to consider when applying online. Many homeowners are considering a mortgage refinance as rates have been on a generally near record lows over the last few years. Even though they are higher than they were, rates are still historically low, so now could be a… Read More »

Guide to Home Buyer Grants and Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are thousands of home buyer grants and down payment assistance programs across the country. There also are government backed loan programs available with low down payment options in 2024. Let’s take a closer look at what down payment help is available so you can make this the year you bought your first home. How… Read More »

100% Mortgage Financing for First Time Loans

Home buyers love 100% financing because it allows them to become a homeowner on a mortgage with no down-payment. Most first time house buyers relish the ability preserve their capital because there are many unseen costs when moving into a new home. Having the ability to become a homeowner without having to come up with… Read More »

Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

Navigating the path to get approved for a home equity loan with bad credit can be challenging. The RefiGuide has a network of home equity lenders that offer bad credit HELOCs and equity loans for people with poor credit scores. How to Get Approved for a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit in Today’s Market… Read More »

How to Finance Fractional Home Ownership  

If you are interested in a vacation property or second home, you may wonder about financing fractional home ownership. Before you move forward, it’s important to understand what fractional homeownership is and how financing works. Fractional Ownership Overview Fractional ownership usually deals with owning a vacation property where several owners use it based on units… Read More »

How to Negotiate Lower Refinance Closing Costs

Can you negotiate closing costs? Refinancing a home loan can save you big every month, but watch out for some of the costly fees that come with that lower interest rate. The less you pay for closing costs and lending fees, the more money you will have saved for other important things. Can You Negotiate… Read More »

Tips for Refinancing a 2nd Home or Investment Property

Interest rates have been rising, and this isn’t only a benefit for your primary residence. If you own a second home or investment property, it is a good time to find out if you can refinance your mortgage and save money. There are many similarities between refinancing your primary residence and second home, but there… Read More »

FHA 40 Year Mortgage Loan Offers Low Payments 

Opting for a FHA 40-year mortgage enables you to spread your repayment over four decades to achieve a lower monthly payment. The 40-year loan deviates from the standard 30 or 15-year terms. Low Monthly Payments with 40 Year Mortgages Increased Cash Flow with 40-Year Loans While this extended duration of a 40-year mortgage results in… Read More »

Second Mortgage vs Home Equity Loan

Second mortgages and home equity loans are one in the same. Technically a home equity loan is a 2nd mortgage, because the equity loan or HELOC sits in second position on title to the house. Both home equity loans and 2nd mortgages are ways to borrow against the value of your home so its silly… Read More »

Today’s Second Home Mortgage Rates for Refinancing

Second home mortgage loans have different rules, requirements and rates for most borrowers looking to refinance their second house, vacation home or investment property. For people who are lucky enough to have a second home, you will always have some unique challenges. One of the issues that can come up at some point is refinancing… Read More »

Vacant Land Loan – What You Need to Know

Buying a piece of land allows you to build your dream home or to simply maintain a piece of nature. But land can be pricey in higher demand areas, so you cold need to find a vacant land loan to fund your purchase. You might think that land loans will be easy and low risk,… Read More »

Mortgage Refinancing up to 100%

For many years, homeowners have been searching for 100% mortgage refinance solutions. You can reduce the monthly payment on your mortgage if you can refinance your loan into a lower interest rate. However, most lenders will require you to have 20% equity at least for you to refinance these days. 100% home loans are available… Read More »