Top 5 Reasons to Buy Home with Mortgage Rates Going Up

If you were to ask your real estate agent when the best time is to buy a home? They will always say ‘now.’ But as of the end of 2018, as housing prices and mortgage rates are rising, this actually could be the best advice. According to the chief financial analyst at Bankrate, mortgage rates… Read More »

Pros and Cons of a Mortgage Rate Lock in this Market

As mortgage rates have been steadily rising in 2018 into the 5% range from less than 4% a year ago for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, more home buyers are asking when if and when they should lock their rate in this market. If you are worried that rates will rise before you close, a… Read More »

The Essential Refinance Mortgage Loans Guide for New Homeowners

2019 is just around the corner and refinance mortgage rates are on the way up. According to Freddie Mac, the average rate on mortgage refinance loans today is 4.6%. If you been considering a refinance as a new home owner, you may want to get it done sooner than later. Some experts believe that with… Read More »

8 Steps to Get the Best Refinance Mortgage Online 

As mortgage rates rise in 2018 and the long-term outlook is for higher rates, some home owners are deciding to refinance their mortgages now before it is too late.  If you have the ability to qualify for a mortgage refinance with a lower interest rate without paying excessive closing costs that reduces your monthly payment,… Read More »

How to Qualify for a Home Loan with a Good Mortgage Rate

Buying a home has always had its challenges, but it is expected that some homeowner friendly tax deductions will disappear as the Trump tax law takes effect. This will mean that for many Americans, it may not be as good financially to own a home. Yes, home mortgage rates are rising, but there are still… Read More »

Why the 15 Year Mortgage Is So Appealing in 2018

In many circles today the 15-year mortgage is touted a good financial choice for homeowners who can afford to pay the much higher payments each month, and who want to get rid of their mortgage much faster. Potentially, 15-year mortgage rates today open up the door of opportunity for a borrower to save thousands in… Read More »

8 Tips to Home Refinancing When Mortgage Rates Rise

Do you want to refinance your home but are worried about interest rates going up? This could be a valid concern in 2018 as rates are probably going to rise as the economy gathers steam. But don’t worry, you still have time to refinance. If you follow our tips below, you will have a better… Read More »

Why Home Loan Interest Rates Will Remain Low in 2018

The interest rates on 30-year mortgages as of August 2017 were at the lowest point for the entire year, at a mere 3.86%. This is the lowest rates have been since November of 2016. Meanwhile, the rates on 15-year mortgages was only 3.16%, which are very popular with people who refinance. Many experts expected that… Read More »

11 Measures to Get to Best HELOC Rates Today

Getting a home equity line of credit or HELOC loan looks to be popular move in 2018. The best HELOC rates are still very reasonable, and property values are appreciating in much of the US. It’s no secret that homeowners have access to many financial benefits such as tax deductions and flexible low interest home… Read More »

3 Reasons Mortgage Rates Will Remain Low in the US in 2018

Mortgage rates at the end of 2017 edged higher but overall, most experts think that they will not go a lot higher in 2018. And regardless, the interest rates for home loans and refinancing are still historically very low. As of April 2018, mortgage interest rates have stayed fairly level after edging up at the… Read More »

How to Shop the Current Mortgage Refinance Rates

Do you want to refinance but are wondering about the current mortgage interest rate environment? Don’t worry too much: You still have time to get a good deal. While interest rates have inched up since one year ago, refinance rates are still quite low and likely will not go above 5% in 2018, according to… Read More »

Top 5 Myths of Rising Mortgage Interest Rates

If you have monitored mortgage interest rates in the last several months, you probably know that rates have inched up considerably since the November 2016 presidential election. The Federal Reserve increased the rates in December 2016, and has indicated through the media that two more rate hikes are on the horizon for 2017. It seems… Read More »

Will FHA Loan Rates Stay Low in 2018?

Many experts think that FHA interest rates could be in for some unpredictability in 2018. In the last decade, FHA loan rates have been competitive with conventional mortgage rates associated with prime loan programs backed by Fannie and Freddie. The Federal Reserve plans to meet in February, and a critical non-farm payrolls report is due… Read More »

Top 6 Reasons for a Mortgage Rate Lock

When you are in the process of closing on your home loan, you will have the opportunity within roughly 30 days of closing to do a mortgage rate lock. There are several important reasons to lock your mortgage rate when buying a home or refinancing your current mortgage: #1 It Protects You Against Inflation A… Read More »

5 Signs the Interest Only Mortgage Loan Is Right for You

If you are in the market for a new mortgage, one of your options is an interest only mortgage loan. This is a type of loan where the borrower only pays the interest on the loan for the first 5-10 years of the loan. After that term is over, the borrower has to start paying… Read More »

5 Reasons US Mortgage Rates Will Remain Low

After Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States, mortgage interest rates bumped a bit higher. Also, in December 2016, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates by ¼ of a point. According to the weekly Freddie Mac report, this led to interest rates going higher so that 30 year mortgages were… Read More »

Comparing Today’s 15 Year and 30 Year Mortgage Rate

The current mortgage rates are still very low, with a 30 year fixed mortgage hovering in the 4% range and 15 year fixed mortgages at 3.625% (3.855% APR). With rates this low, many people are thinking about either buying a new home or refinancing. Does it make sense to do a 15 year mortgage instead… Read More »

4 Ways a Mortgage Calculator Help You Refinance for Best Rate

Deciding the best time to refinance your mortgage will depend upon many factors; it is not just when interest rates are low. Many Americans get the facts by using a mortgage calculator choose to refinance their home every day for a few common reasons: Increase retirement saving by investing in real estate or the stock… Read More »

How Federal Reserve Impacts Homeowners as Interest Rates Rise

With Donald Trump winning the election, interest rates have started to go up, and the Federal Reserve has promised that interest rates will be increased next month when they meet as well. When the Fed raises rates it doesn’t always mean mortgage rates for all types of loans rise. Sometimes there are new opportunities that… Read More »