About Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy grew up in La Jolla, California surfing and carving his niche in the local real estate market. Mr Murphy has a stellar record as a loan officer with over a decade of experience helping people secure the right home loan. He now works at Movement Mortgage in Carlsbad CA. NMLS # 662141

Can you Refinance a FHA Mortgage to a Conventional Home Loan?

Many homebuyers don’t have a 20% down payment or high credit score, so they turn to FHA loans to buy their home. FHA mortgages have many advantages, but they may have higher annual costs than conventional loans in many cases. So, it can be beneficial when your credit and financial situation improves to refinance an… Read More »

7 Things to Verify When Shopping the Best Refinance Mortgage Rates

It no secret that finding the best interest rate when refinancing your current mortgage starts with the shopping process. Not all banks and mortgage lenders offer the same refinance rates. Some companies are more aggressive than other banks and factors like credit scores and loan to value are part of the equation for consumers to… Read More »