Helpful Tips with Refinancing Your Mortgage Loan

Many Americans today are considering a mortgage refinance as interest rates continue to be very low. Rates did edge up in 2019 before dropping again, so the buzz for home refinancing has re-surged. In August, 30-year fixed FHA home loans were available for well under 4%, According to Freddie Mac’s weekly survey. With such low… Read More »

Cash Out Refinance Vs. Home Equity Loan or HELOC

Home values continue to rise, while mortgage rates on cash out refinancing, home equity loans and lines of credit are holding steady or even falling. That is why many homeowners are considering pulling equity out of their homes. With that money, you can afford to do home renovations, pay for college, start a business and… Read More »

Best Ways to Refinance a Mortgage with No Equity

In the past, it was challenging to find a mortgage lender that would allow you to refinance your mortgage at a reasonable interest rate if you had little to no equity. If you have no equity, it means that you have little stake in the property if you were not to pay the mortgage. Thus,… Read More »

FHA Cash Out Refinance Program Guidelines

For several decades the FHA cash-out refinance program has helped millions of Americans with affordable refinancing with cash out opportunities that do not require as much equity as most conventional mortgages. Do you want to refinance your FHA loan into a lower rate and get cash out? How about pulling out some money to finance… Read More »

How to Negotiate Lower Refinance Closing Costs

Can you negotiate closing costs? Refinancing a home loan can save you big every month, but watch out for some of the costly fees that come with that lower interest rate. The less you pay for closing costs and lending fees, the more money you will have saved for other important things. It certainly doesn’t… Read More »

Top 8 Reasons for a Cash Out Refinance Mortgage

One of the most popular aspects of owning a home is to pull out money in a cash out refinance mortgage for major purchases. You can do whatever you like with the money, but the most popular uses of equity include paying for college, home renovations, and buying investment property. 2020 is looking like a… Read More »

How to Refinance a Mortgage without an Appraisal

One of the biggest blessing for homeowners is when they can find a mortgage refinance without an appraisal being required. Yes, it not available to everyone in every situation, but it is possible to refinance with no appraisal if you know where to look. Getting an appraisal when you refinance your mortgage is not just… Read More »

7 Reasons to Consolidate Debt with a Mortgage Loan

For years, many Americans have decided to save on their credit card bills and other debts by refinancing their mortgage and pulling out equity. For decades Americans have turned to the mortgage in an effort to save money with lower payments through the debt consolidation loan opportunities afforded to homeowners in this country. Consumers that… Read More »

Mortgage Loan Document Checklist for Refinancing

Getting ready to refinance your home is similar to buying your house the first time. In both situations, you have to provide a pile of financial documents to qualify for your new loan. By reviewing all of your financial documents, your mortgage lender then determines if you qualify for the refinance loan. To help to… Read More »

Mortgage Refinancing up to 100%

How to Refinance a Mortgage with No Equity Required Using a 100% Loan For many years, homeowners have been searching for 100% mortgage solutions. You can reduce the monthly payment on your mortgage if you can refinance your loan into a lower interest rate. However, most lenders will require you to have 20% equity at… Read More »

USDA Mortgage Refinancing for Rural Homes

Mortgage interest rates have generally been on the decline over the last few years, although we have seen a bit of an increase since Donald Trump was elected as the next president. Still, interest rates are hovering around 4%, and this makes it a tempting time for refinancing. And for people who have a USDA… Read More »

Construction Loans Versus Home Equity Line

Homeowners often want to make many improvements to their home. It is after all where they live and spend most of their time. Homeowners also want to renovate their home to add value to it before they put it on the market and a construction loan and a home equity credit line are two popular… Read More »

3 Secrets to Refinancing a Second Home

For people who are lucky enough to have a second home, you will always have some unique challenges. One of the issues that can come up at some point is refinancing the second house. If you are seeking to refinance a vacation home that you occupy, then you will likely receive a competitive second home mortgage… Read More »

Can You Refinance a Mortgage Home Loan with Bad Credit?

People ask us all the time, how to get a mortgage refinance with bad credit scores. Refinancing your first mortgage has the potential to shave hundreds of dollars per month off of your mortgage payment. Even better, if you are seeking a home refinance with bad credit, potentially you could save thousands in interest over… Read More »

Best Rate and Term Refinance Options

Refinancing your mortgage is usually a great way to save money on your bills every month. And these days, mortgage rates are still in the area of 3%, so many people find that they can lower their mortgage payment by refinancing. Over the last thirty years, the rate and term refinance has been the most… Read More »

How Do I Refinance My Modular, Mobile & Manufactured Home

What are the challenges finding a mortgage refinance for a manufacture and modular home loan? If you want to live in a home of your own, one of the most affordable ways to do it is to buy a modular or manufactured home. These homes are less expensive than a site-built home, and some of… Read More »

7 Tips to Boost Your Home Value Prior to Refinancing

When you do a mortgage refinance on your home, you will usually need to get a new appraisal so that the lender knows that they can sell the home for the amount they are lending if you were to ever default on the loan. The appraisal is a vital part of the typical mortgage loan… Read More »

3 Benefits of No Closing Cost Refinance Loans

Many Americans today are looking for no cost refinance mortgages to take full advantage of super low interest rates. You can now refinance in the 3 to 4% range, as of 2020 without mortgage refinance closing costs. If you paid a much higher interest rate a decade ago, you could easily save hundreds or thousands per… Read More »

Why The 15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Has Benefits

Mortgage rates have been very low in the last few years, especially for 15-year mortgages. Did you know that just a few months ago, Zillow reported 15 year mortgage under 3% for qualified borrowers? That makes refinancing your 30-year mortgage into a 15-year mortgage more tempting, but how do you know when you should do… Read More »

What is the Home Affordable Refinance Program?

You may have heard about HARP – the Home Affordable Refinance Program. It was launched in March 2009 and could be just what you need to get your financial life back on track. The HARP refinance plan was created in an effort to stem the foreclosure crisis that erupted nearly a decade ago. Home Affordable… Read More »

7 Things to Verify When Shopping the Best Refinance Mortgage Rates

It no secret that finding the best interest rate when refinancing your current mortgage starts with the shopping process. Not all banks and mortgage lenders offer the same refinance rates. Some companies are more aggressive than other banks and factors like credit scores and loan to value are part of the equation for consumers to… Read More »