Second Mortgage vs Home Equity Loan

Do you have growing equity in your home? If so, you may want to pull out some of that cash to remodel your kitchen, pay off debt, or fund your child’s college tuition. You can tap your equity with a mortgage refinance or a second mortgage. If you already have a low-interest rate on your… Read More »

Why Write a Check Using Your HELOC Loan

If you own your home, you will like continue to enjoy rising home values in 2020. With higher home prices and rock bottom low interest rates, a good option for many home owners today is to open a home equity line of credit. In the past you could deduct the interest paid on a HELOC… Read More »

5 Reasons to Remodel Your Home with a HELOC

Many financial advisors and mortgage brokers consider the HELOC the best home improvement loan, mostly because of the product’s flexibility. #1 HELOCs have a low interest rate The home equity credit line has a lower, variable interest rate than a home equity loan. That second mortgage has a fixed rate and payment plan. A HELOC usually… Read More »

Risks & Benefits of Second Mortgage Loans

Home owners who meet the lending criteria may be able to get a second mortgage loan if they qualify. You may have heard radio advertisements recently bragging about how low second mortgage rates are today for home equity lines of credit and fixed cash out 2nd mortgages. Getting a Second Mortgage Can Help You Gain Access… Read More »

8 Ways to Remodel Your Home to Increase Equity and Property Value

The values of Americans’ homes are rising with the average increase approximately 7% more than last year. Some parts of the country are seeing double digit increases in value. If you want to sell your home soon, you may want to do some smart remodeling to increase your equity and property value. There are many… Read More »

HELOC Loan Guide

Is the value of your home rising? Do you have at least 10 to 20% equity? Then you may be thinking about tapping some of your hard-earned money with a home equity line of credit, or HELOC. If so, please use this article as your guide to HELOC loans for 2020. The tax deduction laws… Read More »

11 Measures to Get to Best HELOC Rates Today

Getting a home equity line of credit or HELOC loan looks to be popular move in 2020. The best HELOC rates are still very reasonable, and property values are appreciating in much of the US. It’s no secret that homeowners have access to many financial benefits such as tax deductions and flexible low interest home… Read More »

How Does a Second Mortgage Work for Remodeling

Most homes in America are purchased with a mortgage. If you have a mortgage, you probably have some equity in your property. This is almost definitely the case in 2017 because house values are on the way up. For many years, the second mortgage has been a popular financing tool for homeowners to remodel or rehabilitate… Read More »

Home Equity Loans with Bad or Poor Credit

Many people believe that bad credit home equity loans are not possible. It is not surprising that the people who often need loans the most are the ones with bad credit. If you have a low credit score, it is likely you have been turned down for lines of credit before. Whether you need funds… Read More »

Top 4 Home Improvement Loans

Many Americans want to remodel their homes but lack the cash in the bank to pay for the remodeling projects so home improvement loans have become popular solutions. So what to do? Well, the credit markets are loosening up quite a bit in the last few years, so you may have more options to finance… Read More »

Differences Between HELOC vs. Home Equity Loans

Life has a tendency to get expensive, especially when you least expect it. As a homeowner, it often seems that you fix one problem only to see another pop up in its place. A leaky roof? A busted air conditioner? Plumbing problems? Whether you have a legitimate fixer-upper on your hands or you’re simply looking… Read More »

8 Smart Secrets to Financing Home Improvements

Most people who own their home probably has a long list of home improvements they want to make: replace the kitchen counters, replace the family room floor, build an addition, or renovate the master bathroom. There are a plethora of home improvement loan programs that come in many shapes in sizes. Naturally, what slows down… Read More »

Solar Panel Loans for Homeowners

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on your home and wondering how to pay for it? If you are considering going solar, the good news is the price of these systems has dropped in recent years. And there are many solar panel financing options than ever. Keep reading to learn about the available options… Read More »

8 Reasons a Home Equity Line Is Not Too Good to Be True

Most people at one time or another need access to capital that is not sitting in their savings account. Perhaps you need to pay for your son’s college education, or you want to add a bedroom to your home. For homeowners, one of the most popular options is to take out a home equity line… Read More »

Home Equity Loans Offer Great Tax Deductions

As house values rise, more and more consumers have started asking me questions about home equity loan tax deductions. As a homeowner, you probably know that the US government encourages you to buy a house of your own by allowing you to deduce mortgage interest off of your taxes up to a certain point on… Read More »