9 Tips to Choosing the Best Realtor to Sell Your First Home

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Selling your first home can be an exciting experience. Home prices are up, and there is a good possibility you can make a good profit by selling your home. The chances of selling your home for top dollar quickly rise when you know that you are working with the best realtor.

best realtor to sell

Don’t leave money on the table. Find the best realtor to sell your home to maximize your profits.

To choose the best possible realtor to sell your home, keep these tips in mind:

Choose the Person

It is smart to choose a realtor who really works with you and for you. You should not just choose the realtor based on their experience. While it is good to have 20 years of experience, it is not the only thing. You will spend a lot of time what that person and you need to work well with him. Select someone who is real, relatable and is good at negotiating and talking.

Chemistry Is Important

Experts recommend interviewing at least three realtors before you choose one. Focus on their expertise with the neighborhood; look for someone who has sold several homes in you neighborhood and even on your street for top dollar.

Get Referrals

Even though technology seems to have taken over buying and selling a home, the right realtor is still a human experience. Getting a referral from someone you know is often best. There is no bigger way to give a realtor a compliment than to get a referral from a past client. Ask home sellers who they would recommend for you.

Find Agent with Your Best Interests at Heart

It is important to ask yourself if your real estate agent has your best interests at heart. Be honest and transparent about what you want. Ask questions and do not be afraid to get another agent if the relationship with the agent does not feel right.

Make Sure They Have Good Support

Do your research to find out if the realtor is supported by a good administrative and sales team. An agent who has good support at the office will offer a good level of customer service to each home seller. Most realtors are working with several clients at once. The logistics of selling a home are complex, and it is very easy for something to be missed if the realtor does not have a good staff.

Check If They Reduce Risk

Find a realtor who is honest about selling your home. You should not work with an agent who just tells you what you want to hear. For example, if the agent says he will sell your home in 60 days for top dollar without providing any data to back that up, it could just be fluff. When you talk to realtors, pay attention if they use real data in their answers to your questions.

Find a Realtor in Your Price Range

Find a realtor who has a strong track record selling homes in your price range. If you are selling a home that is worth $300,000, you should find a realtor who has sold many homes in that price range.

Agree on Expectations

If you are selling your home, ask your realtor to assemble a written marketing plan that will detail the steps that they are going to take to sell your home. The realtor should provide advice on how to prepare your home for the selling market and who is enthusiastic about your property.

Don’t Use an Agent Who Overprices Your Home

Some agents may tell you that they can sell your home for more money than other agents. They are probably telling you what you want to hear because they want to get the listing. It also is possible that they may not know your neighborhood or town. Statistics indicate that properties that have been overpriced when they are initially listed will stay on market longer and sell for less than a home that was listed at the right price from the start.

Look at the Realtor’s Listings

Check the realtor’s listings online. You want an agent who properly lists a home online and has good pictures that put it in the best possible light. Also, you want to see that his listings are similar to your in price. It also is good to simply see if they have a lot of listings. This means they have a lot of work and other people are trusting him to sell their home.

By following the advice above, you will be able to get the best realtor to sell your home, and you will sell it for the best price.

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